Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dari Kerana MATA


Ni masuk hari ke-3 posting opthalmology(mata)
Em..x semudah yg disangka..mata yg sekecik tu nk dilihat melalui kanta yg sgt kecik..
huhu 1st day mata ku berpinar-pinar nk appreciate optic disc..pastu 2 jam collapse rehatkan mata..
Tp bile revise balik anatomy n physiology mata buat ku sedar betapa kuasa Allah dalam menciptakan 2 biji mata amazing..

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Setiap orang ada minat dan hobi yang tersendiri..daripada yang biasa2 je sampaila ke yang pelik x dibuat orang kecuali dia sorang je..huhu..namun walau pape pn minat or hobi kita biarla ia berlandaskan syariat dan tidak menyusahkan orang lain..

Em me myself, eventhough a medical student but i not typically intrested on reading. Of course you have to do some reading to gain the knowledges but i'm not book worm la. I'm more on practicallity..i likes to explore thing..LETS TRY AND ERROR...

Besides medical, I do interest on business and make money where i have to try many time and learnt from past mistakes..i hope that i can go futher in this field despite being a doctor later..

I try to improve myself and planning to disperse my interest a step futher.

Of course I have apply S.M.A.R.T concept in my plan where it must be SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ACHIEVABLE, REALISTIC, & need TIME FRAME...

Ayuh genggam bara api sampai jadi arang..

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Easy No Tension

Today would be my 3rd day in ENT(ear,nose & throat) posting or also known as ORL(otorhinolaryncology) posting..At first i thought that ENT posting was borred..but as i go through it..i might say that it is an interesting posting but i do admit that some time it tiring my limbic system to memorise the 2nd most complicated anatomy of our body after the brain..

However,the ENT posting realised me the important of our voice as well as smell and taste sensory.
Which one you would prefered to lose if given 2 options, one is leg amputation and second is losing vioce..for me i'm rather lives with one leg instead of losing voice to communicated..
Our throat is so important where we used it to swallow, facillitated in breathing and producing care on our voice and don't ABUSE IT!!

Besides that the anatomy and physiology of the ears was so magnificant..that such a small organ able to recognise thousands of sound..the way how such small structure able to conduct vibration and convert it to electrical impulse..this where physics knowledge mostly applied in biology of human body..

All this are such an interesting knowledge to learn on..but anatomy is the master key in ENT..without anatomy it mean nothing

Within 3 week of posting, all topics must be covered and exam will took about 15min only..huhu i quite worry that this might be not enough preparing myself to be a future doctor later..However my supervisor and all ENT doc are nice and approcable..hope they may guide along my path in this posting..